Emergency Plumbing Services By Singapore Plumber / Handyman
Common plumbing problems include:
Low Water Pressure
If your tap isn’t letting out as much water as usual, chances are it is “chocked”. Deposits build up over time in your taps (pipes) and slows the water pressure. This requires us to dismantle the pipes and clean up the deposits slowing down the water.
Dripping Pipes
Even if the dripping doesn’t look bad, the water loss adds a lot to your utility bills over time if left unsolved! Typically dripping pipes are due to wear and tear of the washers (or due to corrosion). While you might be able to take the pipes and joints apart, without specialised tools, this can be a problem (putting them back without trained professionals isn’t an easy task!). Remember, you are losing money every moment that your leaks are unsolved!
Flushing Problems
If you are holding down your flush handle (or button valve) longer than you should, it is time to get a plumber to replace the inner mechanisms of your toilet flush! Typical this is due to the float being imbalanced or the handle being loose. Contact us for help and solve your problem once and for all!
Choked Sink
Choked sinks are common problems faced by households. Due to the accumulation of hair and dirt over time, the flow of water is disrupted. To solve this, you can use a pump to remove the dirt if the problem isn’t too serious. Alternatively you will need to. dismantle the pipes and clean them manually.